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Ubiquitous and personalised publicity that changes as your audience changes




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There is a physical world around us where publicity is very much static (print based, billboards, etc.) and very much generic.

But what if you could have a platform to publish your marketing messages (videos, jpgs, etc.) from the internet into a physical device on the street, on a bus or a bus stop, inside a train station?

And what if you could know the profile of people around such a device before showing the message?

Different bystanders getting different messages in a similar way google and facebook know your profile in the search and social media advertising world.

Anywhere. Everywhere.

Of course, flexible displays, bendy batteries, and squishy solar cells aren't exactly new technologies, but they've been combined here, together with Arduino technologies to handle the network and media display, in a way that they really complement one another.

The solar panels will power the display's refresh and the battery would provide a reserve for moments of soft light and a separate rechargeable battery would keep the power in the moonlight.

Minority Advertising Ltd assumes:

  • The key technology required to deliver the idea to the world, flexible OLED screens, would reach an aceptable production cost within 1-2 years.
    This time will be used to build feasible prototypes and reach commercial agreements
  • [Free] Wireless conextions [will be] are widely available in every city


Have you seen the movie Minority Report? Click this link to refresh your memory and I am sure you will understand our company name!
We will charge companies by air time. The platform can be offered to big chains and brands but also to miriands of High street shops that will get access to publicity points not currently affordable and accessible to them. The cost of creating and delivering a campaing to a wider or more target audience or geographical area will reduce significantly.
Not totally clear yet but the initial idea is that you might accept some T&Cs maybe in facebook or google+ so your smartphone can be detected by the minority ad devices and pull some likes/dislikes info about the audience. In any case the profiling is added value, the concept already changes the way offline advertising is done (we think!)